Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy products from WNETBG.COM ?
In order to buy products from WNETBG.COM you have to be registered. You can find information about that in "General conditions".

If you have already made your choice and have decided to purchase something at WNETBG.COM you have to click on the button "Add to my basket". This will lead you to the next page which gives you the current status of your basket. Here you can correct the articles and quantities which you have ordered. If you mark a product and then change the quantity to “0” it will disappear from your basket. You can do the same thing by simply marking the product and clicking on the "Delete" button. With the help of the button "Update basket" you can always check on the current condition of your basket. When you make your final decision about the articles and quantities you want to buy you can proceed to the "Order" button. This will send you to the page in which you have to identify yourself as a customer if you haven’t done this before.
If you have already registered, you have to enter your e-mail address (the one you have used for registration at our site) and your password and then click on the "Log in" button. If you haven’t registered at our site yet you are required to register in order to be able to buy goods and products.

The above actions take you to the page where you can correct the delivery address of the goods you have ordered. Here you can add a new delivery address (for example one of a friend or relative of yours).
After that you can see the name and price of the commodity which you have ordered together with the delivery address. If you choose to get your goods personally from our office – this will be the final price which you will have to pay. If you choose to get your commodities by a courier service you can determine an approximate value for the delivery from the menu – "Delivery and guarantee"
Clicking on the button "Confirm" you send us your order for the goods you have chosen. After that we will contact you to confirm your purchase order and inform you about the exact price of delivery. All ordered goods are sent to the customer only after their confirmation.

Ordered goods can be paid in one of the following ways:
• By a C.O.D. (cash on delivery):
- When the goods are delivered you pay the due sum to the courier whithin the teritory of Bulgaria.
• - To our bank account for international transactions.
• On-site at our office.

All orders are processed only after confirmation by the customer.

I forgot my password. What shall I do?

- Click the link - “Forget your password?”, , fill in your e-mail address and the system will send you a new password, because even we don’t have any data about your passwords. When you register or change your password it is encoded with the MD5 algorithm for you to be sure that it can not be seen or decoded by anyone. This system increases password security unlike many other sites.

How can I register into the web store of WNETBG.COM ?

- Click the link “Enter” in the upper left corner of each page, fill in the necessary information for registration having in mind that the fields marked with an asterisk * are required. Click the “Confirm” button and you will receive on the e-mail address given by you a confirmation of your registration. Now you can buy form us – fast, easy and convenient.

How to sort by prices?

- It is easy! Click the link “Price” in the list of products table in an end category and you will see a sign “+” /ascending/ or “-“/dscending/ order. The same is valid for the names of products.

How to configure my own PC?

- Our site is so organized as to be easy for you to understand how to make the proper match in make and model of processors, motherboards, memories by standards, hard disks, etc. The categories of different components necessary for the assembly of a computer system are listed in a descending order for your convenience.



At the home page of our store you’ll see the following sections:

1. “Categories” – here you’ll find all main categories of products, which are currently available.

2. “New products” – products that have been recently added to our catalogue.

3. “Reviews” – here you can share your opinion about the offered products as well as read the existing ones.

4. “Information” – this is the place, where you can find any supporting information, ways of payment, fees for delivery by courier, addresses and ways for contacting us.

5. “Search” - from here you can search for goods and products by brand, name, model, etc globally whitin the whole product catalogue.

6. “Languages” – in this field you can choose the site’s language: Bulgarian and English.

7. “Currency” – with the option “Currency” you can view the prices in USD, Euro or BGN.

8. “Who is online” – shows statistics about visitors and registered users, who are currently browsing or shopping from the site.

9. “Tell a friend” – from here you can directly send e-mail message about a product that has made an impression on you to a friend or colleague of yours.  

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