416573-B21 X5140 DL360G5 KIT

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416573-B21 X5140 DL360G5 KIT

Key Features Benefits.Dual-core processing Significant performance headroom, especially for multi-threaded applications, helps boost system utilization through virtualization and application responsiveness.Intel? Core? microarchitecture Better performance on multiple application types and user environments at a substantially reduce power envelope.Majority of SKUs at 65W Significantly lower power (compared to previous generation) helps improve data center density and power/thermal operating costs.Ultra-dense, ultra low-power SKUs at 40W Low-voltage SKU available at reduced power envelopes will deliver even higher performance per watt ? helps reduce power/thermal operating costs and improve data center density.4 MB shared L2 cache Increases efficiency of L2 cache-to-processor data transfers

Product Details
Key Features
Front Side Bus Speed1333 MHz
Processor TypeDual Core Xeon
Socket TypeSocket 771
Architecture65 nanometers
Processor TypeDual Core Xeon
Clock Speed2.33 GHz
L2 Cache Size4 MB

  • Модел: 416573-B21 X5140 DL360G5 KIT

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