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Canon F-715SG

Digits: 10+2 (up to 16 digits internal calculation)
Lines: 2
Display Screen Size: 61 x 25 mm
Display Character Size: 9.6 x 3.96 mm

General Calculations: Yes
Trigonometric Calculations: Trigonometry, Inverse trigonometry
Angle Unit: Yes
Coordinate Conversion: Yes (Rectangular <-> Polar)
Factorial, Combination, Permutation: Yes
Fraction: Yes
Random Number: Yes (Rand and I-Rand)
Statistics Calculations: Yes (2 variables)
Fraction from to Decimal: Yes
Others: LCM, GCD, Quotient & Remainder calculation
Total functions: 250

Cover: Yes - hard sliding cover
Auto-power Off: Yes - 7 mins
Others: Low battery indicator

Memory: 17 Store & Recall Memory
Power Source: Solar & Battery
Battery: LR44 x 1pcs
Body Size: 165 x 80 x 14.5 mm (without cover): 168 x 86.3 x 17.8mm (with cover)
Body Colour: Black, white with magenta
Weight: 124g (with cover)
Packaging Info: DBL = Double Card Blister / HB = Hangable Box
Other: Body lower case and / or hard case are made from recycled plastic from Canon product

  • Модел: CANON CALC F-715SG /WHT/BLU

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