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CANON Calculator WS-1210T

Digits 12
Type Extra large LCD
Angled Display Adjustable tilting display
Digit Comma Separator 3 digit comma separator
Display Screen Size 102 x 23 mm
Display Character Size 16.69 x 6.71 mm

Tax Function Yes
Decimal Selector +4320F
Rounding Round up/off/down
Grand Total Yes
Key Roll-Over Key roll over function for fast and accurate data entry
Other Backspace key

Keyboard Stable stroke keyboard
Percentage Percentage add-on/discount
Large Key Mark Printing Yes
O Key(s) "0","00"
Keytops Plastic, IT touch
Reverse (RV) Key Yes
Shift key Yes
Square Root Yes
GT Key Yes
Sign Change Key Yes
Mark-up or Mark-down Mark up

Auto-power Off Yes
Slide Switches/Selectors Decimal point selector and rounding

Memory 1 + GT
Power Source Dual power (Solar and Battery)
Battery CR2032
Body Size (L x W x H) 198 x 150 x 38 mm
Body Colour Black
Weight 238g

  • Модел: CANON CALC WS-1210T

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